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Iron & Steel


Welcome  To  Kauth  Brothers  Incorporated

Structural  &  Ornamental  Steel  &  Iron  Fabricators 

Services Throughout The North Bay Area of Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake & Solano Counties.

Our Goals:  To be the leading supplier of Structural and Ornamental irons produced by the highest qualified staff to meet the needs of any 

Steel Fabrication requirement of the Construction Industry while continuing to Grow and Prosper.

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Kauth Brothers Inc. Quotes & Provides Services For Iron & Steel Fabrication

In Napa, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Valley, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Sebastopol 

East Bay, North Coast & Coastal Cities

Iron                                              Steel                                     Ornamental 

Custom Iron Fabrication            Roof & Floor Beams                       Ornamental Railings

Custom Iron Fencing                 Structural Steel Fabrication           Decorative Fencing

Custom Iron Handrails               Structural Steel Beams                  Non-Structural Staircases

Iron Construction Quotes          Steel Construction Quotes             Steel Fabrication

Ornamental Iron Handrails         Structural Steel Bolts                    Cable & Decorative -

Structural Iron Quotes               Structural Steel Quotes                 Handrail Quotes

Structural Iron Beams                Structural Steel Welding               Handrail Construction

Structural Iron Designs              Structural Steel Installation          Trellis, Trusses

Structural Iron Fencing              Steel Quotes                                   Moment Frames

Structural Iron Handrails            Steel Sales                                     Earthquake Supports

Structural Iron Installation         Strong Frames                               Earthquake Retrofitting

                                                                                                              Stairwell Iron Handrails


   Unique Services: Steel Sales, Back Flow Device Covers, 

                                Off-Road Vehicle Fabrication & Vehicle Welding

   SALES: North Coast Bolts & Hardware, Anchor Bolts, Custom Wood Connections, 

               Metal Earthquake Supports,  Metal  Tie Products, Simpson Metal Ties


Michael Dremann  & His Team

Work with clients on ...

Concept & Goals






To gain the results

 the client expects. 


From the first phone call for our services, the client is informed of a timeline, the contracting  and payment process for our services.

We seek to quote and complete all projects in a fair amount of time for the client with fair pricing.


Since 1946 

The Kauth Brothers were the formative fabricators of iron and metal work used to strengthen and complete many of the Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino buildings, sub divisions and homes, hospitals, office buildings, county buildings and industrial buildings in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Petaluma and beyond as the various industries grew throughout the region.

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Presently Kauth Brothers Is available for projects in the Counties of Sonoma , Napa , and cities throughout  the Bay Area and  North Bay Area.

Our Services Are Outlined Above On This Page


You will find Kauth Brothers continues to offer a wide spectrum of  products and services to assist in your construction.  

From design, quotes, measurements, installation and our repeat business, you will find we are  ready to handle your projects.

 Review our list above


We quote,  manufacture and  complete the installation according  to  specifications.  

We  produce quality  products from  the approved  measurements, or  drawings .  

We also work with architects  and designers to complete the client's goals.  

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